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Why support ANBP?

ANBP is the recognized voice and advocate for the commercial biological control industry in North America. Government regulators turn to ANBP for input on decisions that are affecting, or will affect, the packaging and movement of beneficial natural enemies.An Association, ready to respond to regulatory changes affecting your business, is indispensable. Researchers consult ANBP for high priority industry needs and submit our concerns as critical stakeholder input to granting agencies.

In addition to these benefits, membership includes:

  • Your Name and Business listed on the website with contact information. 
  • Producers, Distributors,and our Practitioner members are added to our Guidelines for Purchasing and Using Commercial Natural Enemies in North America.  This document is considered THE most up-to-date listing of where to buy beneficials in North America.  Producers and Distributor members can serve on the Board of Directors; and have voting rights.
  • Membership categories allow for finding the needed professional (Producer, Distributor, Practitioner, and Associate Member)
  • Bio-control Matters Newsletter and, as-needed, email communication of news items for the membership
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly and responsible pest control products
  • Participation opportunities on committees
  • Annual Meetings and interactions with other biological control and IPM groups to provide the latest information on biology and use of natural enemies.  Provide feedback to researchers developing current or improving new products
  • Networking and collaboration within the biological control industry
  • Access to associations’ collective knowledgebase
  • Involvement in constant effort to develop standardized Quality Assurance concepts and techniques.  These efforts instill confidence in insectary produced products.

Position Statement on ANBP Members Products

ANBP actively promotes and endorses those member products that are:

  1. Produced as stated in our code of ethics. Meaning: ‘products containing defined species or biotype in accurately measured quantities in a condition suitable for performance’.
  2. Produced in facilities as defined in the NAPPO (North American Plant Protection Organization) RSPM 26: commercially produced in a rearing facility with a protected environment for at least one complete generation (
  3. Produced and checked as specified in the ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials) standards as published here:

Consequently ANBP does not endorse the collection of biocontrol organisms from their natural habitat destined for resale.

Where can I buy beneficials?

Looking to buy beneficial insects, mites, or nematodes for biological control (biocontrol)? See a list of our current members and get links to their websites.

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