Scientific Advisors

ANBP’s Scientific Advisers keep us current with cutting-edge research in augmentation biological control within the land grant university system and the USDA-ARS. Their expertise and advice have been critical to moving the industry forward in both technical rearing breakthroughs and use of natural enemies in IPM systems.


Research Priorities

ANBP supports projects which benefit the entire augmentative biological control industry allowing information to be shared with all ANBP members. The Association of Natural Bio-control Producers (ANBP) represents North American and International producers and distributors of natural enemies for biological control, private research consultants, and government and regional scientists at research institutions and universities. Our…


Quality Assurance

IOBC Quality Control guidelines ANBP is currently moving toward new approaches for Quality Assurance standards. Past work on producing standards for use with commercially produced natural enemies are listed below.  In the meantime, we encourage the use of standards published by the International Organization for Biological Control (IOBC).  For a link to their Guidelines, and…


Code of Ethics

The Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers is a professional trade organization that exists to support and promote the use of invertebrate biological control organisms. Its Board of Directors is comprised of Producer and Distributor members and a diverse component of the commercial biocontrol industry is represented. ANBP members have subscribed to the following Code of…


Where can I buy beneficials?

Looking to buy beneficial insects, mites, or nematodes for biological control (biocontrol)? See a list of our current members and get links to their websites.

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