Code of Ethics

The Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers is a professional trade organization that exists to support and promote the use of invertebrate biological control organisms. Its Board of Directors is comprised of Producer and Distributor members and a diverse component of the commercial biocontrol industry is represented.

ANBP members have subscribed to the following Code of Ethics and to quality standards agreed upon within ASTM and IOBC product related working groups. Members are therefore entitled to print the ANBP logo on labels and commercial documents.

  • To promote the concept of biological control methods in pest management.
  • To provide product containing defined species or biotype in accurately measured quantities in a condition suitable to perform for intended use in biological control.
  • To provide technical support based on the best available information and resources.
  • To use biological control in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To refrain from making unwarranted claims or statements regarding use of products.
  • To refrain from falsely or maliciously injuring the reputation, prospects or practices of other members of ANBP.
  • To conduct business within the laws and regulations of each country where product is sold.
  • To openly communicate with government, educational institutions and the general public and to support research projects and education that promote biological control.

Where can I buy beneficials?

Looking to buy beneficial insects, mites, or nematodes for biological control (biocontrol)? See a list of our current members and get links to their websites.

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