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The joint meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Entomological Society of Canada, and the Entomological Society of British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C., November 13-16, 2022) featured our ANBP survey information. 

Our ANBP Scientific Adviser, Dr. Norm Leppla (University of Florida) was invited to present an update about the status of biological control in the United States in a symposium for this joint meeting. The talk was a result of the industry survey ANBP conducted in 2019, that also included a comprehensive survey of all biocontrol research and extension personnel we could identify in the US. We ended up with a database of over 300 people (and we keep editing this list). We asked about the current status of educational resources devoted to biological control, what areas were being investigated now, and where should “biocontrol research head in the future”. Lots of interest has been generated by this survey and we will undoubtedly use this again to communicate information about the commercial industry and more. Try this link to the video,

The presentation, Recent History and Future Trends in Biological Control – in the United States Emphasizing Macroorganisms, was given by Dr. Norm Leppla (University of Florida), and co-authored by Dr. Houston Wilson (University of California-Riverside), Dr. Lynn LeBeck (ANBP) & Dr. Marshall Johnson (University of California-Riverside).

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