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Early Bird registration closes on July 5, 2022 for the IOBC-Mass Rearing and Quality Assurance (MRQA) workshop in Bologna, Italy this September 5-9, 2022.  Delivering on the Increasing Demand for High Quality Invertebrates will be a joint meeting of the IOBC-MRQA, the Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP) and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers’ Association (IBMA).  Take a look at the link below which is our second official announcement for this workshop.  It details program topics, information for submitting talks, hotel suggestions, and more.  This meeting is always a highly anticipated event.  Contact us with any questions.  We hope you place it on your calendar and we all get to meet in person in September.

Where can I buy beneficials?

Looking to buy beneficial insects, mites, or nematodes for biological control (biocontrol)? See a list of our current members and get links to their websites.

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