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ANBP participates in Entomological Society of America (ESA) Symposium, November 2019

ANBP was asked to join a symposium this fall on “advocating for the use of biological control in IPM”.  One of our ANBP Advisers, Dr. Norm Leppla (Univ. of Florida) co-authored the talk with Richard Ward (ANBP President), and Lynn LeBeck (ANBP Exe. Director).  To see how both our ANBP members are currently “advocating for biocontrol”, as well as how the research biocontrol community in the US is promoting biocontrol, we decided to do surveys for both groups.  We only had 15 minutes for a talk, so slides had to be fairly summary-rich, but our presentation is located here.  It was very-well received and we hope to analyze more of the data in the near future. 
ESA Presentation on Advocating for Biocontrol in IPM.  November, 2019

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